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The initiative for a "Cooperative European System for Advanced Information Redistribution" was born in the 1990s when several combined transport (CT) operators decided to suspend their own developments for electronic data exchange with their customers in favour of a standardised European approach.

As part of a research and development project supported by the European Commission and the Swiss Federal Office for Education and Science, they developed, under the leadership of the International Union of Combined Road-Rail Transport Companies (UIRR), the main/core application of CESAR.

The company "Cesar Information Services s.c.r.l." (CIS), with its headquarters in Brussels, was founded in 2004 by four major CT operators and their association UIRR in order to create a commercial entity with the required neutrality and the objective of

  • putting the test application into practice,
  • further developing its characteristics, and
  • extending its reach by connecting additional operators.


The most frequently used function of CESAR is tracking and tracing. For transport and logistics companies, CESAR is a reliable source of information that allows them to obtain information on the location of their loading units via a single Internet address, regardless of the affiliated operator that transports them. The CESAR system is strictly neutral in this respect: each customer, each affiliated operator and each terminal agency can call up information on their loading units while fully protecting the confidentiality of this information vis-à-vis the other participants. The principle of CESAR is to gather all transport information from the operators' systems into a central database, where it is integrated and made available in real time after quality controls. With one click, they obtain lists showing which consignments are ready for collection at the terminals, which can be loaded onto trucks or which have already been collected. CESAR provides each customer with an overview of irregularities should they occur. The attention of the members naturally focuses on anything that does not work as planned. Customers can therefore optimise the terminal before and after the transport. The trend is towards integration: an increasing number of customers already have a B2B connection, with all CESAR data being directly integrated into their own data processing system.

CESAR also provides timetable information and links to the reservation systems of all connected operators.

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