The new CESAR-NEXT system with enhanced functionalities is available www.cesar-next.com.
A new user registration is needed, please see www.cesar-next.com -> login -> registration
Please register for CESAR-NEXT, the existing www.cesar-online.com will be available until end of May 2023.
For additional information, please contact your operator.

Co-operative European System for Advanced information Redistribution

CESAR stands for Co-operative European System for Advanced information Redistribution. Cesar-online.com is the common European website for transport related information exchange between intermodal operators and their customers. The aim is to encourage more logistics companies to use intermodal traffic by providing a standardised industry interface, created and maintained in cooperation, whether the intermodal services offered by operators are produced in competition or in collaboration.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The CESAR system is fully compliant with the new european laws on data processing and privacy standards. The CESAR system also uses cookies which are necessary for its proper functioning. The details of our processing of your data are described in detail in the link below.

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All Our Partners

A group of CT operators has decided to work on a common co-ordinated client communication system to make better use of the modern information techniques for a harmonised user-friendly European approach. The partners involved in the company are: