The most frequently used function of CESAR is tracking and tracing. For transport and logistics companies CESAR is a reliable information source that allows inquiries on the whereabouts of their loading units via a single Internet address, regardless of which of the affiliated operators is carrying them. The CESAR system is strictly neutral in this regard: each customer, each affiliated operator and each terminal agency can call up information about their cargo units while completely protecting the confidentiality of such information vis-à-vis the other participants. The principle of CESAR lies in gathering all the transport information coming from the operators’ systems in a central database, where it is integrated and made available in real time after quality checks. With one click they obtain lists showing which consignments are ready for pick-up on the terminals, which can be loaded on the trucks or which were already picked up. CESAR provides each customer with an insight of irregularities if they ever happen. The attention of the affiliates is naturally focused on everything that does not work as planned. So the customers may optimize the terminal pre- and post- haulage. The trend of further development is towards more integration: a rising number of customers already have a B2B connection with all the CESAR data directly flowing into their own in-house data processing system.

CESAR also delivers timetable information and links to the booking systems of all connected operators.